Are you interested in starting your genealogical journey? We are here to help you. Besides the following services we are happy to assist you in starting the journey on your own. We would love to consult with you to give you the knowledge it takes to start this journey.

Consultations: Consultations can be a great way to get some help. We offer the following consultations:

  1. Getting Started – Need assistance starting your family tree a consultation can point you in the right direction to start this journey.
  2. Brick Wall – Stuck with a branch on your tree? We can meet to go over the information you currently have and what your next steps should be. 
  3. Irish Heritage Travel – Have you found your link to the old country and looking to plan your trip to visit? We can set up a consultation to discuss what archives you should visit in Ireland as well as what tourist locations will help you understand the life of your ancestors. 

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Document Retrieval: Document retrieval is available at multiple repositories; IRAD – Northeastern, Newberry Library, Wheaton Library, Naperville and Wilmette Family History Centers, Illinois State Archives and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library (requires travel).

Genealogy Research: Finding Our Ancestors works with clients to help discover their family based on the goals provided. Primary research will be with online records through, and other paid subscriptions as needed. I am willing to go to a few repositories to pull records as needed.

Research Plans and Analysis: Working with the goal each client has, we will create a research plan for you. If you have already started your research and are looking to get past a brick wall and need the assistance of a professional, we will analyze the records you have already uncovered and create a research plan based on the information obtained from said records for you to continue your research.

For more information on our services, please fill out our Genealogy Services Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.