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John O’Connell is my great-great-grandfather, finding his place happened to be a lucky find for me when I was at Newberry Library about 1 year ago. I was searching through a folio of cemetery transcriptions for Washington County, NY, I was looking for my great-grandfather Dennis O’Connell, because I knew from his obituary in the St. Catherine’s Standard that he had been sent home to Hudson Falls for burial. When I found Dennis in the book, he was listed with 5 other O’Connell’s buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery in Hudson Falls, NY. I called the church the next day and confirmed that Dennis and John were both related to me (I did this through the wives they both had listed in their cemetery books). It took me about a year, but I finally made it to the cemetery and the surrounding area.

John O’Connell 1858 – 1931

John O’Connell b.1858 m.(date unknown) Bridget Curran b. 1862 d. 1895

they had 7 children:

  1. Harriet (Hattie) O’Connell b.1880 m. Fred Langdon/Langevin
  2. Elizabeth O’Connell b. 1881 m. Frederick Daha
  3. Dennis O’Connell b. 1883 m. Rose Springer
  4. John O’Connell b. 1885 m. Beatrice (unknown last name)
  5. Daniel O’Connell b. 1886 (not 100% on his line yet)
  6. Catherine O’Connell b. 12 Dec 1887 m. William Pratt
  7. Mary O’Connell b. 1893 m. WC Herring



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Terri O’Connell is a professional genealogist in the Chicago area, focusing on Midwestern United States Genealogy, with a main focus in Illinois and a special interest in Irish research. She is also the owner of Cruise Planners – O’Connell Cruise and Travel, a full service travel company. Their mission is to encompass the full family: vacations, reunions, and history travel. Terri is a travel enthusiast with a passion for genealogy and enjoys bringing the two together to assist her clients in their travel needs. You can find Terri online at, Terri is the Executive Director of The In-Depth Genealogist,

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3 thoughts on “Tombstone Tuesday: John O’Connell

  • Lisa

    Hi there, i also have a great-great grandfather John O’Connell, and for a moment i thought this was him but it isnt. My GGGrandfather john o’connell was born in 1814 in ireland and died in 1914 in minnesota, one of his sons was james o’connell, who had a son leo o’connell, who had a daughter named reta o’connell who was my mother. Its a long road finding the right o’connells though because there are so many!

  • toc5871

    Lisa, Thanks for commenting. I wonder if James had any brothers? My John seems to have come from Ireland as well (still need to find 100% proof). I have been stuck on this line for awhile and would love to make any connection on him.